自閉症畫家助國民外交 外交部將表揚

自閉症畫家助國民外交 外交部將表揚 中央廣播電台 2月25日週四 上午11:35 外交部每年都會舉辦「NGO新春聯誼茶會」,邀請過去一年曾經合作過的民間團體出席,以表達外交部的感謝。今年的茶會另將頒發「國民外交表揚狀」給十大傑出青年李柏毅,表彰他對於國民外交的貢獻。

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Merry Christmas

Wish you a blissful Christmas ! Leland’s art has been chosen by the President office as official greeting Card! Hope you’ll like Leland’s art & LOVE Taiwan!!!

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Art Exhibition in 2015 Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship

From the 2015 Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship Website at Fubon Art Foundation Artwork in Residence Love House, Many colorful cabins are installed at the lobby, inviting visitors to enter this rich world created by Leland Lee with bright colors and lines. The reindeer in the work symbolizes the artist himself, while LOVE represents dynamic energy that…

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