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Leland is currently a world-class artist.

Leland’s parents first noticed his interests in arts when he was about two years old. While his drawings looked typical, he would make them large numbers of them. Over a few months, several hundreds of these drawings were made. No two were exactly alike. 

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Art Exhibition of Ten Outstanding Young Persons at National Dr. SUN Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Exhibit will be from November 11 2015 to December 1st 2015 「集十傑之長‧創臺灣之光」─第二屆全國十大傑出青年 美術創作得主巡迴展 11月11日起在中山國家畫廊盛大展出 【第二屆 集十傑之長 創台灣之光】 全國十大傑出青年藝術文化類巡迴展演計畫 美術傑出青年展畫作 齊慶國父誕辰 Some Photos from the Event    

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